Sunday, November 29, 2009

Bye Bye, Baby Tooth

Keri lost her first tooth! I can't believe how fast she is growing!

Hanging by a thread...yuck!

She wiggled it all by herself:

Getting closer:Here it is!
I'm still getting used to seeing her with a hole in her mouth. The other bottom tooth is loose now, so I'm sure it will be out soon.

Keri was so excited about the tooth fairy, then changed her mind at bed time. All of a sudden, she got scared and asked me a million (well maybe not that many, but it sure felt like it) questions about the tooth fairy.

  • What does she look like?

  • How big is she?

  • How will she get under my pillow?

  • Will she wake Kendal up when she goes up the ladder?

and finally....

  • Can I just put my tooth under Daddy's pillow and let the tooth fairy put the money there?

Silly girl! So we let her put the tooth under Daddy's pillow. The tooth fairy did manage to put the money ($2.50) under Keri's pillow along with a note. She was pleasantly surprised when she woke up. Hopefully we won't have so much drama next time, but I won't count on it!

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