Monday, July 20, 2009

Keri can swim!

The videos aren't very good quality because they are from my phone...hopefully you can see them!

Girls jumping in the pool with floaties on:

Keri jumping in the pool and swimming without floaties:

Monday, July 13, 2009

Ever wonder what Kendal would look like with straight hair?

Haleigh got bored one night when she was here and decided to find out. She blow-dried her hair first and it looked so funny! Here are the pictures:
Cute....but I prefer the crazy curls. :-)

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

4th of July fun!

I started this post at least 3 different times and have not been able to finish it! This time, you will just have to see our festivities in pictures. We had a great time! I'm off to clean house and do laundry. My normal Saturday routine...ick!

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Alpine Trip

Little Brody Mesker....isn't he precious?! :-)
We had lots of fun visiting with our friends in Alpine. We went to help Bobby and Liz move into an apartment; they are having a house built and it should be ready in exciting!

We ate at La Castia the first night and it was so good! I always get the chicken fajita burrito that comes with a huge side of shredded cheese and a huge side of guacamole....yummy! I still crave their mexican food. We ate at all the Alpine classics, the Longhorn (under new ownership, not as good), the Reata, and of course La Casita one more time before we left. :)

We were busy moving most of the time we were there, but did stop at a couple of shops and the Sul Ross Bookstore. It was so nice to finally meet baby Brody and hang out with good friends. The girls had a great time with my dad and Sheila in Cisco. We are going to load up tomorrow and head back to Georgetown with Haleigh in-tow! She's coming to help me out at the daycare so I can get ready to teach the pre-K class next month. She will be with us for about 10 days, then plays in the 2009 Softball All-Stars game in Austin on the 14th. We have a busy week ahead!